Where it all began...

As a young girl, Jenna loved to make others beautiful--from putting barrettes in her dad's hair to doing fake perms on your life-size Barbie. However, instead of going to cosmetology school after high school, she went the traditional route of college at Central Michigan University. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business and Theatre. After graduating college, she felt she wasn't on her true "life path" and enrolled into cosmetology school at Douglas J Aveda Institute--where she realized she had truly found her passion for creating beautiful hair and making others feel like their best self.

Unexpectedly, she was no longer able to do hair because of a wrist injury, which devastated her. While trying to figure out what to do next, the idea for Salon Success System came about. Jenna was a highly profitable hairstylist and wanted to share her business skills with other stylists and salon owners. She helps other stylists live the financial life they have wanted, while succeeding in the career field they have always been passionate about.

With her six years in the salon industry, she was personally able to learn the ins and outs of the salon as a hairstylist and manager. She brings this knowledge into the book to create an easy-to-follow system for stylists and salon owners to create a sustainable business--with her 7-Step Beauty Blueprint!